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At Luxury Addicted, we take pride in curating a collection of high-quality pre-loved bags for our valued customers. Our consignment program offers bag owners the opportunity to earn money, upgrade their collection, or showcase their bags on our platform. Please read the following consignment policy carefully to understand the terms and conditions of our consignment program:





Bag owners can choose to send their bags to our premises, where our expert team will carefully inspect, authenticate, and professionally photograph the bags. Once a bag is sold, the owner will receive a percentage of the final sale price, as agreed upon during the consignment agreement. Payment to the bag owner will be made after the sale is successfully completed.


Bag owners also have the option to send their bags to us and, instead of waiting for the sale, they can choose a 50% discount on the purchase of an original, non-used bag from our boutique. The selected bag should be of equal or greater value than the bag being consigned.


Bag owners who prefer to retain possession of their bags can pay a monthly listing fee of EUR 150 per bag.
This fee covers the cost of listing the bag on our website, where potential buyers can view the bags details, photographs, and contact the boutique for inquiries. Please note that this option does not involve sending the original bag to our premises.



Upon choosing a consignment option, bag owners will enter into a consignment agreement with Luxury Addicted. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the consignment, including the commission structure, payment schedule, return policies, and any other relevant details. It is essential for both parties to carefully review and agree to the terms before proceeding.


Bags sent to our premises will undergo a thorough evaluation process, including authentication and condition assessment, conducted by our expert team. We reserve the right to decline bags that do not meet our quality and authenticity standards.


Our experienced team will work closely with bag owners to determine fair and competitive pricing for each consigned bag. We aim to ensure that both the boutique and the bag owner receive a satisfactory outcome from the sale.


For bags sold through traditional consignment, the bag owner will receive a percentage of the final sale price as specified in the consignment agreement. Payment will be processed after the sale is successfully completed and the return window has expired.


Bag owners who have chosen traditional consignment can request the return of their bag within 14 days after the shipment to the Boutique premises, subject to the terms outlined in the consignment agreement.


Open and clear communication is vital throughout the consignment process. Bag owners will be kept informed about their bags status, inquiries, and potential offers. Our team is readily available to address any questions or concerns.

By participating in our consignment program, bag owners agree to abide by the terms outlined in this policy and any additional terms stipulated in the consignment agreement. We are committed to creating a transparent and mutually beneficial partnership with our consignors.


For inquiries or to initiate the consignment process, please contact us via our form or via email (


Thank you for considering LUXURY ADDICTED for your consignment needs. We look forward to working together to showcase and find new homes for your cherished bags.